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Upcoming Adventures

Living your potential takes confidence, clarity and courage - our learning experiences rolling out over 2019 are designed to help you develop each. Here’s the first cab off the rank…


Happy Wherever You Are
launching May 1st

The fast track to reaching your aspirations is understanding how life really works.

Most of us rely on our effort and determination to get where we want to go. And while that works well enough sometimes, it can be slow going and a seemingly treacherous path.

When we realise how our thinking creates our experience of reality we wake up from the idea that anything or anyone has power over us. We remember that we are designed to grow and be joyful, buoyant, resilient and relaxed even when doing extraordinary things. That we can tap our innate intelligence at any given moment and know what to do.

How do we tap in? By staying present, having fun and following our curiosity.

HWYA a masterclass in accessing your innate intelligence and inbuilt wellbeing, so pluck up the courage and join our pilot for a better experience of life.


Inspired Experiences

PathHunting is a learning company, and we’re keen to help you make the most of being human.

We design environments and experiences that meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. Embracing the idea that life and work are intertwined, and the whole shebang is a grand adventure.


for Life Enthusiasts

Aspirations change over time and opportunities arrive and depart, each providing the catalyst for us to evolve and reinvent.

You might be a creative yearning for a fresh take on work, a professional contemplating a more expansive career move or a budding founder inspired to start a business. The common thread between everyone we work with is their desire for growth and the belief that its possible. And it all begins with stepping up to lead yourself.

If you’re feeling a little lost or stuck, get proactive about your next step by rekindling your sense of wellbeing and enthusiasm for life. Without any pressure or attachment, follow your curiosity, search out ways to have fun - we guarantee it’ll help open your mind. You’re designed to adapt and curiosity is a gateway to fresh ideas.


the Foundation

Stories of extraordinary people can show the way.

Be inspired rather than intimidated. Each day you get to craft your own story, and the difference between you and the kind of extraordinary you might aspire to is no more than an attitude away. Begin with how you approach life. Assess the quality of your foundation, the beliefs and stories that guide your decisions, and rework them to open the door to opportunity.


of a ;) Modern Life

There’s no recipe you need to follow for a successful life.

You get to explore and experiment, and piece by piece craft the trajectory of your life and career. We really encourage you to take responsibility for it all, act in your own best interests, and choose your own adventures. Don’t be seduced by the veneer of another’s perfect life or tied to the idea that life is either stratospheric success or failure.

If you’re caught up - take a moment, decide here and now what you want, and go for it.



Exceeding the expectations we have for ourselves is at the core of the PathHunting philosophy of people development.

In addition to working with aspirational individuals, we partner with purpose driven organisations on tailored learning solutions specialising in mindfulness and intentional leadership as a pathway to personal and business success.

Explore partnering with us on your needs.