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PathHunting Consulting specialises in holistic people development for purpose led businesses.

We believe exceptional business outcomes begin with exceptional client experiences, possible only with the enthusiasm and engagement of great people. Our focus is on ensuring your people are confident in their skills and capacity to grow with the business, connected to the business purpose so they’ll bring their best, and enriched by the experience of work. Please see below for examples of our scope…


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happiness and satisfaction at work

Happiness is quite the buzz word and it’s no real surprise given many high achievers feel it’s further away than ever. We work on the basis that happiness is an inside job, our natural state when we’re not obsessively looking outside ourselves for satisfaction and fulfilment.

Our new signature program Happy Wherever You Are is designed around three very simple yet often elusive concepts:

  • Be present - understand how thinking creates your reality and consciously manage your influences for a better experience of life

  • Have fun - choose optimism, enthusiasm and hone the talent to make the most of opportunities

  • Do that thing - get over yourself and develop the drive and focus to pursue your dreams

It’s an experience that explores what it truly is to be human and how we can at any moment alter our experience of work through the ways in which we think and act. Feedback so far is that it’s a life changer.

HWYA can be taken as a full day live workshop in your workplace or an online digital course (launching December1)

future ready leaders

Working with leaders and founders on their personal development and effectiveness in people development is the core of what we do. Focusing on what works today rather than idealistic concepts and theory from the past, we’ve designed Me to We our signature leadership program on three pillars:

  • Mind, mindset and mindfulness - leading yourself

    • building a foundation of wellbeing, mindfulness practices for increased self awareness and stress management

  • Intentional leadership - leading others

    • recognising the attitude and actions required to align people toward purpose and the achievement of desired goals, identifying and developing talent

  • Entrepreneurial acumen - leading a business

    • evaluating opportunity, sharing a vision, dealing with ambiguity, managing resources, developing resilience, engaging creative and cohesive teams

These pillars are also the broad strokes of our collaborations with clients who prefer to partner with us on bespoke programs for their emerging and evolving leaders.


exceptional client experiences

Shifts in expectations of the client experience as a result of new market players and technology is often the trigger for change inside a business. Becoming more customer centric is an essential step in ensuring customer and talent retention.

We can help in several ways:

  • Design or review and redesign of the client experience to surprise and delight

  • Product training to celebrate quality, innovation and story while optimising sales

  • Service training for a consistent brand experience

  • Engagement and alignment of teams and individuals for smooth change implementation

  • Strategies to effectively manage resistance to change

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