What's My Scene - pre launch

What's My Scene - pre launch

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Join us for the What’s My Scene - our DIY retreat from December 1st

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Super polished and optimised landing page coming but we want to give you a chance to jump on the early bird asap before What’s My Scene goes live.

Here’s what’s in store when you do:

The second of our new online courses for 2019 is What’s My Scene and is presented in the form of a DIY retreat.

It’s our masterclass in working out what you really want from life and career. It’s the antidote to an existential crisis, and the perfect opportunity to put all external expectations and internal limitations aside to design the life, career or business that floats your boat.

We almost called this course Life Your Way because it’s really about using the life you want to dictate the design of your career or business. Rather than jumping straight into business models and ideal clients or exploring contemporary career options we begin with an honest investigation into what you really want from life. Without anyone else’s input or expectations. Without any reference to should or must. We start with you, what you’d like your life to look and feel like and what you yearn to do.

What’s My Scene is for you if you’re questioning why you’re doing what you’re doing, frustrated with a loss of purpose or direction, a gnawing doubt that even though life looks great from the outside it might not be all that on the inside.

Inspired by 15+ years in learning and development helping people redefine their lives and careers, and life as former corporate exec turned entrepreneur balancing two businesses with family, What’s My Scene is all about helping you with the What and Why of life so you can redesign yours from a foundation that you’ve chosen rather than fallen into. And from there we help you explore best fit career or business that will work with your personality, preferences and purpose.

What’s My Scene is a 5 module experience, super practical and designed for easy consumption with:

  • Video and audio presentations by PathHunting’s founder Bec Mutch (that’s me!)

  • Activities and experiments as PDF downloads so you can apply what you’re learning

  • Access for the lifetime of the program

  • Self-paced design so you can find yourself in a dedicated weekend or take your time over a month

We’re so excited to have you with us that we’re offering our early birds a sweet deal in exchange for allowing us to workshop the content with you. We’re super keen for your feedback so we can continue to make the program exactly what you need, so please bring your courage and curiosity and sign up…

Bec x

Once you sign up you’ll receive a welcome email with a special thank you and details on how to access the course from December 1st. Can’t wait!