Happy Wherever You Are - pre launch

Happy Wherever You Are - pre launch

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Join us for Happy Wherever You Are - our self paced adventure into how life works

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Your attitude to life defines your experience of life.

Most people are used to making progress through action alone and while action is a key factor in building momentum toward what you want it can be a long, unpredictable and treacherous road.

When you combine action with attitude, you better align yourself with the future you want and life finds ways to partner with you in your success.

That’s the premise we operate PathHunting from and we’re keen to share it with you as the most pragmatic and purposeful way to go about creating fertile ground for change, success, and the experience of life you most desire.

Happy Wherever You Are is a self-paced online learning experience designed to set you up with a solid foundation from which wonderful outcomes can flow for your life, career and business.

It’ll help you stress less and enjoy life more while you’re doing great things. We like to think of it as our guide to getting the hang of being human.

Inspired by my 15+ years in learning and development helping people get the best from themselves and others, extensive research into the quantum world, neuroscience and metaphysics, and life as an entrepreneur balancing two businesses with family, HWYA focuses on three core ideas that sound simple but can reinvigorate everything you’ve based your life upon.

·       Be present

·       Have fun

·       Do your thing

 We begin by exploring the concepts of being (attitude) and doing (action) and how they work together to influence your experience of life in this moment and into the future.

We then investigate the three core ideas of HWYA (be present, have fun, do your thing) that keep your attitude aligned.

We look at what enhances alignment and what blocks it through lots of experimentation, activities and practices so you can build confidence in your ability to consciously influence your experience of life.

Finally we share daily practices to keep your attitude sharp and bulletproof.

How HWYA works:

Happy Wherever You Are is a 5 module experience, super practical and designed for easy consumption hosted on our Kajabi learning hub with:

·       Video and audio presentations by PathHunting’s founder Bec Mutch (that’s me!)

·       Activities and experiments as PDF downloads so you can apply what you’re learning

·       Access for the lifetime of the program

·       Self-paced design so you can HWYA in a dedicated weekend or take your time over a month



Happiness - that upbeat, buoyant positivity about life is our natural state. We start out that way as children and in moments of clarity and calm we go right back to that state.

Unfortunately many things about modern life seem to get between us and happiness. And the pursuit of happiness as something outside ourselves (looking for it in work, or a partner, or money for example) can take us further and further away.

HWYA  provides an avalanche of ways for you to get back in touch with happiness by choosing the quality of influences you’re open to and the beliefs that are most helpful, and as you do you’ll develop an attitude that combined with inspired action - will change your life.


We’re so excited to have you with us that we’re offering our early birds a sweet deal in exchange for allowing us to workshop the content with you. We’re super keen for your feedback so we can continue to make the program exactly what you need, so please invite your friends, start thinking about what happiness is to you and sign up…

Bec x

Once you sign up you’ll receive a welcome email with a special thank you and details on how to access the course from December 1st. Can’t wait!