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I'm Rebecca Mutch and I launched PathHunting in 2011 to help businesses and individuals prepare to become and develop leaders of the future. In 2014 we opened The CoworkCo, a collaborative workspace for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs and in mid-2018 we aligned our efforts rebranding The CoworkCo under the PathHunting banner. 

Today we're part of the shift away from traditional models of business and leadership. Contemporary leaders, startups, freelancers and small business owners require agility, adaptability and the courage and confidence to evolve in response to constant change. They also need to navigate the challenges of life, family, the desire to make a meaningful contribution and build a legacy. In short, the ups and downs of being human.

And that's where we come in, offering coworking, courses and consulting in a flexible way to help you make the most of being human. 

What you'll find inside

While we've been running our coworking space and working with clients developing bespoke solutions for some years now, PathHunting as an online learning hub is an adventure in the making. You'll find a growing collection of articles, short courses, eBooks and audios designed to lead you to new insights that will enrich your experience of life, livelihood and leadership on the Blog and the Courses page (our first is launching super soon). Visit Coworking to find out more about joining us at our Lygon St HQ, and learn about how we can work together to develop the people in your business on the Consulting page. 

Thanks for being here...

Happy trails, Bec 



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