People Development

We believe in supporting the people that deliver your client experience, develop your talent and enhance your profitability as the demands on them continue to increase. 

Our expertise extends to programs on:

  • Personal effectiveness - emotional intelligence for leaders, mindfulness, positive psychology, behavioural agility, and managing energy for peak performance
  • Entrepreneurial skills - resilience, dealing with ambiguity, problem solving and decision making on the fly, holding a vision, creativity and innovation, developing talent


Client Centric

The future belongs to businesses committed to product and service excellence, and exceptional client experiences.

Specialising in retail and hospitality, we partner with brands to design:

  • Client experiences to surprise and delight
  • Product training to celebrate quality, innovation and story while optimising sales
  • Service training for a consistent brand experience


Working Together

We design innovative, immersive in person and digital learning experiences to suit your scope, timeframe and desired investment. From intimate half day workshops to year long organisation wide projects incorporating in person events, digital modules, back to business projects, individual coaching and mentoring. 

Our clients appreciate our flexibility, discretion, focus on quality, collaborative approach to content development and dynamic facilitation style. 

A Range of Our Clients


Rebecca (Bec) Mutch launched PathHunting as a contemporary leadership consultancy in 2011, leveraging a background in learning and development for luxury retail, tourism and hospitality, a Masters in L&D with a B.Business, and ongoing PD in executive coaching.

Now headquartered in our Melbourne collaborative workspace, PathHunting is supported by highly talented collaborators (instructional designers, facilitators, photographic and film crews, animators, graphic and web designers) engaged for specific client projects.

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