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This is our growing list of books, podcasts, ideas and people to open your mind. They’re shared to encourage you to look and listen and feel beyond the reality you’re living, to help you appreciate the wonder, beauty and magic of being human and to do something you yearn to do…please enjoy ;)


10% Happier - Dan Harris

A book, a podcast, and a fabulous app all to share the benefits of meditation with those least likely to embrace it. Dan Harris is a US anchorman who famously had a panic attack live on tv. In the decade since, he’s taken a deep dive into mindfulness meditation and 10% Happier is the result. The app in particular is possibly the best on the market in it’s category, so many meditations from wonderful teachers and not a crystal in sight. We love this…

Krista Tippett - On Being

The On Being world is one of the most wondrous places to find yourself in with a quiet afternoon up your sleeve. Or anytime actually, because Krista Tippett is creating something extraordinary and her guest list is a who’s who of adventurers in life. I particularly love the podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert on curiosity, that with Mary Oliver on listening to the world, and the weekly email newsletter The Pause.

All things Chris Guillebeau

Side Hustle School is a podcast, book and community, the latest offering from prolific creator Chris Guillebeau, author of the $100 Startup, founder of the annual World Domination Summit in Portland (the final WDS will be in 2020 so get along) and master of the art of non-conformity. He’s the real deal, a champion of the courageous offering practical guidance for those embracing the road less travelled.


Seth Godin - marketing modernist

You know we love Seth right? This is Marketing is his latest book, make sure you grab a physical copy so you can fill it with post-its! For more Seth magic try his podcast Startup School, and dive into his back catalogue.


Described by its founders as a place to read and write big ideas and important stories, Medium is a platform that is true to the promise. Is this the future of journalism? We hope so. No clickbait here, no fake news, just lots of interesting reading to immerse yourself into and varied ways to engage via your inbox, homepage or the Medium app when you join.

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The first time Bec picked up Monocle Magazine she was in an airport in London - probably a familiar story for many devotees as there’s a worldliness about the publication with its Euro / Japanese vibe. Maybe we love that it’s not only American when so many other influences seem to be. What began as a magazine has evolved into a publication house that also produces wonderful radio shows collaborates with designers for travel goods and even hosts an annual Quality of Life Conference. It’ll help you miss life north of the equator a little less.

Do - the encouragement network

Founded by David Heiatt, Do does inspiration on tap. With the Do lectures series, Do Books, the Do Wales annual experience, Do workshops like Breakthrough and the super Chicken Shed Chronicles newsletter you cannot help but feel more engaged and excited by life. To start visit the Do website and watch some talks - our faves Tina Roth Eisenberg and Duke Stump

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Mara Gleason

Co-founder of NFP One Solution, Mara is the author of One Thought Changes Everything, probably our favourite book of the past couple of years. Mara eloquently explains how we create our experience of reality and when you really let this book land, your life cannot be the same.

Look also to Michael Neill and his books The Inside Out Revolution, The Space Within, Creating the Impossible and Supercoach, each a deepening perspective on the three principles Mara speaks to in her book.

Austin Kleon

Creator of one of our favourite email newsletters and writer of classics Steal like An Artist, Show Your Work and his latest Keep Going, Austin Kleon is all about creative courage. We’ve chosen this Balzac quote (in Austin’s signature handwriting) to represent him because he speaks to artists but we think really he speaks to everyone with an idea or a yearning - not unlike Andy J Pizza.

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Mind to Matter

It seems the distance between science and spirituality is lessening and Dawson Church has done what we’ve been hoping someone would do and researched his socks off to produce a book that offers a compelling argument that there is more to life than the reality we believe we live. His research makes it possible to bring these ideas into broader conversations of people development, entrepreneurship and innovation.


The School of Life

Presenting classic philosophy as a tool to navigate modern life with a particular focus on emotional intelligence, TSOL produces books, workshops, has an online store and a YouTube channel filled with animated shorts on life. Just don’t expect any reference to spirituality because they’re philosophers right ;).

Andy J Pizza

This guy has completely stolen our hearts. His honesty about the realities of the creative path, devotion to encouraging creators of all walks to get their work out there and generosity in sharing his platform to boost others, plus his incredibly engaging output has made his Creative Pep Talk podcast a weekly ritual. If you don’t identify as a creative don’t let that stop you, Andy speaks to everyone with a dream they want to follow.


Inspiration and tools to help you live mindfully from the originators of the Holstee Manifesto - a guide to life you may remember from it’s big moment a few years ago. They’ve recently released a set of Reflection Cards and launched a new Holstee membership blending art with monthly themes in a life well lived.

Marie Forleo’s Marie TV

Oh Marie Forleo there’s so much to love in what you do. If you haven’t heard of the fabulous Ms Forleo she’s the founder of online mega course and community B-School and the brains behind Marie TV a free channel on all things small business, life and happiness. Get over your judgement of her big hair big smile thing and you’ll find a woman of generosity and integrity building an impressive empire. Her MarieTV interviews are upbeat and she’s a genuine online business success story. Get inspired.

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Lisa Congdon

A late bloomer creatively, Lisa Congdon is an artist, illustrator, speaker, activist, writer of books and creator of courses on CreativeLive. Her work is bright, joyful and ultimately encouraging, always pointing toward a fairer, more inclusive world. Follow her Instagram for all the latest on what this incredible lady gets up to.