Trading a mountain for a waterslide

alignment attitude Jul 07, 2018

Sometimes I wonder why we persist in imagining goals as mountains to climb.

For those of us not in the 0.08% of the population that love climbing mountains, all the mountain metaphor does is help us imagine how tough it'll be to get up there. The pain, the cold, the lack of oxygen, struggling with a backpack, a distinct lack of civilized bathroom facilities - we end up exhausted and defeated before we begin!

So I've come up with an alternative that's far more satisfying...

Let's trade in the mountain for a waterslide. 

Imagining the path to a goal as a wild waterslide ride is so much more appealing. Think how much of an effortless adventure it would be - gravity pulling you forward, flowing water providing momentum, twists and turns for some fun along the way and bang you're there in a big blast of invigoration, enthused and ready to go again. 

Some might think the mountain is the doing of a hostile universe and the waterslide is the doing of a friendly universe but as we know there's really no difference from the universe's perspective - it just gives you what you expect (more on that here)

So what we're really saying is:

If you believe in a hostile universe you believe that all good things (i.e. goals) reside on top of mountains, they're hard to reach, you really need to work hard and pay your dues to deserve reaching them, and you might die along the way...and this becomes your experience of life.

(Giving up on New Year's resolutions by January 8th sound familiar?)

Not so compelling, right? But we live this belief - all the time.


If you're ready to jump ship and join the lucky ducks that believe in a friendly universe maybe it's time to embrace the waterslide metaphor.

Here's how:

  1. You decide what it is you'd like from life (i.e. set your goal), knowing that in the quantum field all futures already exist so there's no question of if you'll reach your goal it's just a question of alignment.
  2. You get into alignment. How? Follow your curiosity, act on your inspiration, bring the enthusiasm AKA  jump on the waterslide and see where the adventure takes you. 
  3. Most importantly you need to be open, let go of your love of control and relax into the twists and turns, trust that everything is working out even if you're in the middle of a tunnel and you can't see the light yet. Freaking out midway is generally not advised. 
  4. Just as you think you might never make it - whoosh you are there

Before you do freak out and say I can't relax and let it happen, just remember you were a little kid once and this is how kids generally approach life - they bring optimism, energy, and trust. And if you are in the 0.08% of people that are mountaineers at heart - you do your thing cause when you climb a mountain it'll feel like a waterslide. 

 Happy trails, Bec 

FYI at the time of posting I'm watersliding in Vietnam because - fun!

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