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experiment personal Jun 07, 2018

Warning: we are about to take a detour from traditional business thinking and apply contemporary science to the leadership experience. You might like to keep an open mind...


Quantum physics tells us that rather than being solid objects, we are all energy vibrating at frequency. In fact everything in our universe, all matter, thoughts and feelings have their own vibrational frequencies.

What you might not know is that the frequency at which we vibrate is the key element that defines our experience of life. This is because what vibrates at a given frequency attracts other things vibrating at that frequency.

Hmmm, getting interesting?

It follows then, that if you can raise your vibration you can attract different things, events and experiences into your life, and contemporary neuroscience supports this with evidence that we are far more able to rewire our brains to do this than was previously thought possible.

Great in theory except that most of us spend all our time and energy completely unaware of our vibratory nature and instead try to make the things we want to happen, happen through our action. And when we do we often have some pretty unhelpful vibes going on.

See if any of these thoughts ever pop up in your mind...

Scarcity: there's not enough to go around, there's not enough for me, I'll have to wait, I need to be better, I'm not good enough. money doesn't grow on trees, I missed my chance, it'll never come again, I'd better hurry up, they got there before me, I'll need to think of something else

Struggle: it's hard, it's difficult, things take time, it can't be that simple, I wasn't born into the right family, I don't have the education, I didn't have the opportunities, I don't have the connections, I don't deserve it


Why is this a problem?

If you're spending your days and nights worrying, with stories around struggle and scarcity running on a loop in your mind, according to the laws of quantum physics and neuroscience, no matter what your actions are intended to achieve, your vibrational frequency (created by the thoughts you continue to think) will dominate your experience.  What you're feeling goes out like a request to life for more of the same.

If you're worried, you'll get more reasons to worry. If you're stressed about work, you'll get more reasons to stress about work. Over time those neural pathways become well worn and this unhelpful thinking becomes habitual.


Is this making sense?

If it is, you should be having a light bulb moment right about now as you realise that if you can only find a way to feel good about your life and work as they are, you'll get more reasons to feel good about your life and work.

And that's really all there is to it. Before you do anything at all. FEEL GOOD FIRST.

When you wake in the morning, when you're on your commute, riding to work, cafe or the beach, when you're hosting a morning briefing, feel good first before you take any action. Before you eat, before you send that email, make that decision, have that tough conversation, start that project, before you drift off to sleep - Feel Good First.

This is what we mean by alignment.

Aligning with what you want is the fastest and truest way to attract what you want into your life. No amount of trying or action or pushing or hustling can ever beat alignment. Quantum physics goes to the edge of what many of us can comprehend by saying that time is not linear, that all possible futures exist at once, and if we wish to change our experience of life and work all we need to do is align with a possible future that is more fulfilling. And we align vibrationally. But that's a conversation for another day...


Right now, what's important is this:

It's as simple as feeling good, recognising you're feeling good, and when you do - taking the action you're inspired to take. Taking action is a great thing. It's just a question of taking action from an inspired place.

So if you get an idea, if your curiosity leads you in a particular direction - go with it. Don't second guess. Our mind's tendency is to talk us out of new ideas with a litany of limited thinking (those well worn neural pathways again), so if you're feeling good and you get the spark of an idea - see it through. Conversely, when you're feeling flat the only action you need to be taking is action related to helping you feel better. Doing something you find fun, however minor, can be distracting enough to give your mind a break and let your natural state of joy come back to the fore.

I encourage you to explore and experiment with this in your personal and professional life.

Ask yourself:

  • How can the attitude and energy I bring to a situation positively (or negatively) impact the outcome? 
  • How frequently do I get what I expect in a situation and could it be possible that somehow, the attitude, thinking, and perspective I'm bringing to the situation defines the outcome? 

 Life might just be easier than you think.

Happy trails, Bec xx

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