Fear and love

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2018

Last week I delivered a talk to a group of freelancers and solo biz owners on being in flow with opportunity. It's a big focus of my work and one that has been an interesting adventure in my own life as I step away from the well-worn path of success toward one of my own making.

Launching into something new is a time of excitement and fear for most of us. How much excitement and how much fear end up in the mix is entirely up to you.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”

Your deep down beliefs about this single factor impact your life and your experience of it in extraordinary ways. 

A friendly universe

If you believe we live in a friendly universe you'll believe that anything you dream up is possible. That life is an adventure and your history does not define your future. You'll be upbeat and positive, resilient and hopeful, keen and vibrant, and exciting to be around. 

Your life and the decisions you make will be underwritten by love. 

A hostile universe

If you believe we live in a hostile universe you'll believe that you're in this game of life by yourself. That scarcity and struggle are the norms, that equal opportunity does not exist and that opportunity is finite, defined by upbringing, wealth, connections, education etc.  You'll be tough on yourself and maybe on others, perfectionistic, anxious, competitive and out of touch with who you are and what life is really about. 

Your life and the decisions you make will be underwritten by fear.


Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is a cornerstone of quantum physics, explained eloquently and simply with regard to life (rather than just particles) by Marianne Williamson in her book The Law of Divine Compensation. It states that when the perceiver changes, that which is perceived then changes. So a new attitude means new opportunities that may have been inaccessible to old thinking now begin to appear. 

You change, the world changes around you. Or more to the point, you change and the experience of life available to you changes. Things you were blind to before now become apparent.

You can flip the switch toward beginning to believe in a friendly universe by surrendering the idea that you need to control everything, and particularly the idea that you're in this alone.  

Your inner guidance (you know that voice that doesn't tell you off - as opposed to the one that does) is your direct line to the universe at large, that you are an extension of whether you believe it or not. It's time to embrace your true nature and connect on the inside. 

If you've been disconnected for a while (you probably haven't - you just think you have) a wonderful way to get back in touch with your inner guidance and tap that inner knowing that you're not alone and the universe you're a part of is a friendly one, is to look for the beauty and abundance that is everywhere if only you would open your eyes.

We can get so bogged down in looking at the world through a lens of negativity. Media has much to do with this, as does our habitual tendency to deviate toward drama. 

Consciously looking for the good, hunting out examples of the amazingness of life will help release the grip of fear and let love take its place. And if you're a little weird with the word love being used in this context just transplant any word you'd rather use that feels like openness, expansiveness, acceptance, peace, happiness, calm, joy, fun, ease, effortlessness etc.

The more you appreciate all the amazingness around you, the more you'll see.

You'll realise that whether the universe is friendly or hostile is really self-fulfilling. If you believe it's friendly, it will be and if you believe it's hostile it will be.

You decide. And when you do not only will you be in flow with life, you'll be in flow with opportunity. It's all connected.

Happy trails, Bec xx

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